We welcome you to our website of
the Korea Institute for Gender
Equality Promotion & Education!

The Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion & Education (KIGEPE) is an educational institute incorporated by statute for education on gender equality in the public domain and for promotion of gender equality awareness and culture on a national and international level.

KIGEPE has performed promotional eduction in various forms: the education of gender equality in the public domain, and the nurturing of professionals in charge thereof; development and distribution of specialized and integrated programs for gender equality; management of on-line education; networking with national or international educational agencies for gender equality; education to enhance gender awareness, targeting public officials world-wide and officials in charge of education.

An integrated world where both sexes are united harmoniously everywhere in personal relationships and families and in society requires creative endeavors towards alternative thinking, which will be able to enlighten relationships previously distorted by gender bias and discriminatory practices, leading to renewed relationships.

KIGEPE’s website is intended to be actively utilized as a creative space where information is shared, various opinions are exchanged, and the horizons of our understanding of gender equality are broadened.

We will fulfill the role of a hub for gender equality education nationally or internationally by conducting educational and promotional affairs to spread gender equality awareness and to entrench a culture of gender equality. We seek your enduring interest and cooperation!

Sincerest thanks.
Korean Institute of Gender Equality Promotion & Education.