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News & Events
TITLE List of Selected Participants in 2021 AGenT Released
DATE 2021-03-24 HIT 141


We at ICC KIGEPE are thrilled to announce the list of selected participants in the upcoming 2021 AGenT!


This year, the AGenT will adopt two modalities to better meet Asian gender equality trainers’ needs and expectations for diversifying training courses: AGenT Basic and AGenT Advanced. A total of twenty participants was selected for the AGenT Basic, while only ten for the AGenT Advanced as it is designed as a 100% participatory program. We send heartiest congratulations to all the selected participants (see attached) and hope they will email back to us at with a signed “Confirmation of Participation” (see attached) by midnight between March 30 and 31 in Korean time, beyond which we will start to consider waitlisted applicants.


Needless to say, we truly appreciated the interest and efforts of all the applicants across Asia. We hope to accommodate all who apply for the AGenT someday and will continue making efforts to realize the day soon. Thank you very much.